見る— to watch; to view;

Utility for keeping track of watched TV episodes and movies. Includes a nice ncurses based interface and an SQLite backend for storage.



The latest stable version of Miru can be installed from Python package index:

$pip install --user miru

Alternatively, a development version can be obtained directly from GitHub:

$pip install --user git+https://github.com/Soft/miru.git


You can find the source code for Miru on GitHub.


h, Move to a view in left
l, Move to a view in right
15 Move to a spesific view
j, Focus next item
k, Focus previous item
i Increment seen episodes count for selected series
d Decrement seen episodes count for selected series
s Set seen episodes count to an arbitrary number
m a Mark series as active
m h Mark series as on hold
m d Mark series as dropped
m p Mark series as planned
o n Order by name
o s Order by seen episodes
o e Order by episode count
a Add new series
x Delete selected series
q, Q Exit Miru